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Science Futures Outlook

The financial downturn in the western world has driven the growth of life sciences into the hands of researchers who depend on government grants. The future of building science based companies has become a global agenda not just a western world phenomenon. China, India and Australia all are racing to be added to the global wave of Science Futures.,joining with the United States and Europe to build an independent network of science.

What the 21st century will see is a shift from company start ups to well researched science projects which have been spin-outs of pharmaceutical companies. Science projects will also be underwritten by foundations like The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and with government grants and government directed programs which are in the interest of expanding technology, security and infrastructure. Mergers will occur which will align social media with patient needs. Technology will be used to predict drug outcomes allowing for personalized medicine.

The venture capital shift that has happened recently includes pharmaceutical companies who fund and then spin out their own programs into small business units, and ask these units to find external funding from other financiers.

Pharmaceutical companies have in- house venture capital units which look to fund outside science -based companies who may be in alignment with their internal research objectives. Large companies are not as nimble or productive as small focus research companies with dedicated teams and less middle management

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